A Proposal Outline for Repair and Re-growth of Severely Damaged Spinal Cords

Based on the Research Work of Robert O. Becker, M.D. and His Research Team

By physicist Gary Wade


†††† In his book THE BODY ELECTRIC, Robert O. Becker, M.D. lays out the key experimental facts that, when considered all together, strongly suggest that a spinal cord surgical procedure can be performed to repair and re-grow severely damaged spinal cords.That is, repair of injuries of long standing, as of many years.The book THE BODY ELECTRIC was published in 1985, some twenty five years ago.Since that time no significant progress along the lines that Becker laid out in his book for spinal cord repair have occurred.However, during this twenty five years tremendous advances in the understanding of genetics and stem cell research have occurred, which now can be used by neurosurgeons in spinal cord repair.What will be attempted here is the condensing of Beckerís work to bring neurosurgeons who are not familiar with Beckerís work up to speed on it.The hope and belief is that they will see the clear opportunity to end the stagnation in surgical progress in spinal cord repair.These neurosurgeons can give the lives back to millions of people on this planet who are in misery, along with their families and friends waiting for institutions and government agencies such as the FDA to get their act together to attempt to implement Beckerís work into a cure of spinal cord paralysis.The time has come for the breakthrough.There is absolutely no legitimate reason for this current state of stagnation in surgical progress in spinal cord repair.This proposal outline will hopefully demonstrate to neurosurgeons that the time is now for the breakthrough and that they will come together and rally their institutions into decisive action for the cure of spinal cord damage/paralysis.


††† What Becker and his team experimentally demonstrated was that mammals (humans) can re-grow all manner of body tissue as long as an appropriate value of negative electrical current, in the form of hydroxyl ions, is generated and maintained directly behind the injury/amputation site.If this appropriate current is maintained, then a cellular matrix called a blastema will form at the amputation/surgical site that will continually grow outward leaving in its wake all of the formally missing tissue, in perfect anatomical detail, until all of that tissue is replaced.

(For easy reference, attached to this proposal outline are all of the pages of Beckerís book, which are referred to in this proposal outline.)


Pertinent Experimental and Observational Facts about Salamanders and Mammals (humans)


1)   After amputation and or selective surgical removal salamanders can re-grow all of their limbs and much of their body parts; i.e.re-growth of half a heart in less than 12 hours (see pages 197 to 200 of THE BODY ELECTRIC (TBE) ), re-grow an eye lens ( see pages 190 to 191 of TBE), re-grow the front half of the brain (see pages 213 to 214 of TBE ), and re-grow and reconnect a surgically removed piece of spinal cord (see pages 207 to 211 of TBE). See also Reference 1, pages 26 and 28.


2)   The ratio of the weight of nerve tissue to the weight of other tissue in the bodies of salamanders as compared to that same ratio in mammals is around 4 or 5 times bigger (see page 151 of TBE).This means that salamanders can produce approximately 4 to 5 times more negative current of injury(hydroxyl ions) to the amputation site per volume of tissue than a mammal can.This negative current of injury is delivered to the injury region by the collagen fibers of the Schwann cells coating nerve cell axons (see Reference 1, pages 22 to 25 ).The triple stranded protein of collagen is an N-type semi-conductor of electricity (see Page 113 of TBE ).



3)   If a small negative current (hydroxyl ions); (see Reference 1, pages 27 to 30) supply of the appropriate magnitude is surgically placed directly behind the fresh amputation site on a rat (mammal) leg, the leg will begin and continue to re-grow back until the negative current of injury supply becomes too small at that re-growth location (see pages 152 to 155 of TBE ).


Key Assumptions and Apparent Experimental Observations of Conditions Needed to Re-grow a Section of Spinal Cord


1)   The mammal (human) has essentially the same regeneration ability as the salamander, as long as the normal current of injury at the injury site on a mammal is increased by approximately a factor of 4 or 5 above that normally observed value from that injury site.


2)   An internal body part or section of tissue in a mammal (human) can be re-grown, after surgical removal, as long as the negative current of injury is maintained large enough (4 or 5 times normal).For example (see pages 187 to 189 of TBE ) where a section of surgically removed cartilage in the end surface of a white rabbit femur was regrow with an artificially enhanced negative current of injury supplied to only the damaged tissue area/region.This is what will be done for the damaged spinal cord.



3)   The positive electrical potential of spinal shock that will occur from spinal surgery must/will be suppressed and removed by the artificially produced negative current of injury supplied by the implanted platinum electrode into the spinal cord (see pages 73 and 210 of TBE).


The Proposed Experimental Procedure to Re-grow Spinal Cord Tissue and Thereby Repair Spinal Cord Damage


†††† ††††† Figure 1 shows the whole spinal vertebrate column and two side views of two different sections of a human spinal column.It is the spinal cord tissue between adjacent spinal vertebrate that are protected by the spinous processes of the vertebra that usually suffers the crush damage in paralyzing traumatic injuries; i.e. car crashes.That section of spinal cord tissue is generally destroyed and replaced by cyst formation and/or an amorphous jumble of astrocyte cells often referred to as neural scar tissue.


††††† The goal and purpose of the proposed spinal cord operation is to remove cysts and the neural scar tissue and to remove/rough up (controlled damage) both the top and bottom ends of the spinal cord on each side of the scar tissue.This surgical removal/abrasion damage is done to instigate the current of injury and associated processes, blastema formation, that will be ready to go and start spinal cord re-growth as soon as an adequate current of injury is present.Getting FDA approval to use DMSO to suppress associated inflammation damage would be great (see Reference 2, pages 169 to 171).The normal spinal shock positive electrical potential that will come with this surgical procedure will be suppressed by the implanted pure platinum plated electrode(s), which supply the needed extra negative current of injury, since the normal current of injury in mammals is too small to cause re-growth unless it is boosted by a factor of around 4 or 5.A platinum needle electrode which supplies the needed extra negative current of injury (hydroxyl ions) is implanted in the upper section of spinal cord and the lower spinal cord end as well (see Figure 2 ).The physical electric circuit which supplies the needed extra current of injury is shown in Figure 3.At this time I believe that one pure platinum plated electrode is adequate to do the job needed in most cases.However, there is no reason not to try using two platinum needle electrodes in each spinal cord end.The current supply will just be adjusted down for each electrode.


†††† One of the key questions to be answered is what value of carbon resistor should be used in this spinal cord regeneration circuit (see Figure 3).Referring to Beckerís rat leg regeneration experiment (see Figure on page 153 of TBE) we see that he obtained significant regeneration results using resistance values approximately between 10^6 to 10^8 ohms.This corresponds to a factor of 100 in variance in relative current of injury magnitude while still getting significant regeneration results.The actual current generated is given by the use of ohms law.That is the current (I) is given by: I = V/R ; where V is approximately the difference between the electron work functions for pure platinum metal and pure silver metal and is equal to the contact potential difference between platinum and silver, which is approximately 1.3 volts; R is the value of the carbon resistor.Now, if we can answer the question; how does the cross sectional area of the rat leg amputation site compare to the cross sectional area of the spinal cord location that needs repair, we can then easily determine the value of R needed in Figures 2 and 3.Remember we have a slop factor of approximately a 100 to work with.To a first approximation assume that the spinal cord cross section at the particular location of damage is equal to three rat leg amputation site cross sections that Becker used in his experiments (see attached addendum to reference 1).Then we will need three times the current Becker used to get significant regeneration results.By simply choosing a value of resistance around 30 meg ohms, which is in the mid-range resistance value used by Becker for successful rat leg regeneration, we are assured of being in a good current of injury range for the initiation of regeneration of one rat leg.So, by reducing the resistance by a factor of three (10 meg ohms) we will have the current of injury for the initiation of regeneration of three rat legs or one spinal cord.Now, noting that there are two pure platinum plated electrodes (one for each spinal cord end that needs the negative current of injury for initiation of regeneration of three rat legs) sharing the current we can half the value of R to 5 meg ohms, so that both electrodes will have the current of injury of one electrode that uses a 10 meg ohm resistor.The length of spinal cord growth needed in general is quite short, being approximately the gap length between spinal vertebrate.That distance is smaller than or comparable to the observed re-growth length of the ratís leg in Beckerís experiment.As the two ends of the spinal cord mate up and properly connect together, the two Teflon coated wires can be simply pulled out and their hole pathways will almost immediately close up and start healing shut.


†††† Even though the above described surgical process could or should work alone to regenerate spinal cord injury/damage, it would be, in my opinion, foolish not to take advantage of the great advancements in biological knowledge and technical advancements in potentially complementary biological technologies during and following this new spinal cord surgical procedure.For example, the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, i.e. DMSO, which for some unknown reason is still not allowed by the FDA to halt spinal cord damage from trauma driven inflammation (see reference 2), the use of ďscar tissueĒ formation suppression factors, the use of neural growth factors, the use of the patientís own activated adult stem cells removed from the patientís blood, the use of appropriate wavelengths of laser light to facilitate spinal cord growth and the union/proper connection between both ends of the now mending together spinal cord ends (see reference 3).The use of these complementary biological technologies should greatly reduce recovery time and enhance the probability of the final successful out come.


†††† I hope I have made a persuasive case to neurosurgeons, who will do the real work of actual implementation of Becker and his teamís work done so many years ago.Being a layman in surgical matters, I have faith and hope that skilled and highly trained neurosurgeons will see and know clearly how to convert Becker and his teamís work into physical reality.




†††† Currently all experimental spinal cord surgeries must first be approved by the FDA.The FDA almost invariably takes many months to years to make a decision on a proposal.In my opinion this should not be so.The FDA should be removed from this decision approval process.It should be totally turned over to competent surgical committees of reputable competently run medical institutions, period.There is no legitimate reason for upper management politicos at the FDA making these decisions that amount to life and death decisions for many desperate quadriplegics and paraplegics, effectively slowly dying in misery.Let me give you several pertinent examples of what I mean here.


Example 1 -My friend, Bill, who is quadriplegic, e-mailed a medical doctor friend for advice on working with the FDA.Here is their e-mail correspondence:




†††† As you know the V.A. is ready to do something to help/cure spinal cord paralysis.They would like to do it with UCLA who I am meeting with on Jan. 4th.Itís going to be either something along the lines that Dr. Becker wrote about or stem cells (perhaps a combo of both).I assume whatever is chosen to try will need FDA approval.Do you have any idea how long that approval process will take and any ideas how to shorten the time frame?

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bill


Reply:Dear Bill


††† As is my custom, Iím going to be frank and honest with you.The FDA approval process is long and burdensome.It usually takes several years to get the simplest thing approved.Also, unfortunately, the FDA is a totally corrupt organization, essentially run by the pharmaceutical companies that it was designed to oversee, restrain and control.


†††† The FDA is not there to protect the public.It is there to protect corporate interests Ė mainly the interests of the drug companies.


†††† I was part of the team that went through that FDA process years ago when we did our ď XXXXXXXXXXXX Ē studies.That took about 3 years for approval.The times for approval have NOT gotten shorter.


††† There are no known ways to shorten the time frame.Remember, youíre dealing with government here Ė and those wheels turn VERY slowly.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† XXXXXXX


Example 2 -I asked my friend Bill to write a description of his life as a quadriplegic and to ask other quadriplegics friends to do the same. What follows is Billís story followed by one other quadriplegic friendís story.


Dear Gary


†††† I really try not to complain a lot since it just gets my friends or myself down even further.I complain more to you than anyone else that I can think of because we are so close and you seem to get it.The easy and clear answer to complaining is putting a gun in your mouth, but since my fingers donít move, I donít even have control over how I would kill myself.I wake up every morning with the same burning question Ö can I do this one more day?Itís always too hot or too cold in my room and my chest is full of junk built up from not being moved enough over night.You can only work your care giver so hard and a quadriplegic has to decide exactly what he or she needs to stay alive while not upsetting the care giver.The care giver is my life line to staying alive and finding a good care giver can take years.Without a care giver I would only make it a matter of hours before I needed to eat or defecate two things (plus many more) that I canít do myself.As much as I desire being alone for even 8 or 10 hours, it canít be done unless we are talking about 9 pm till 7 am.After that short period I need to stretch my legs out (due to intense pain) clean out my lungs, use two different machines for ten to twenty five minutes that shake my body for general movement in my lymphatic system and clear out excess phlegm.The list goes on, steaming (again to clear the lungs), using the standing table for at least an hour so some of the leg muscles remain, and the list goes on.


†† ††All and all it takes about three to four hours, then time for breakfast.Although I am okayed to eat whatever I want, I canít afford to gain weight and I need to keep my bowels moving.So eating becomes eat what fits, but watch out for too many calories and getting stopped up.All day I watch the clock since it rules my life.Certain things have to be done at certain times Ö period.Once breakfast is out of the way, itís back to the search for the cure.This process so far and what I discuss later on is the same every day regardless if it is Thursday or Sunday.There are no breaks or vacations EVER.


†† ††Since I take a dozen or more drugs an inventory is done twice a week and some drugs require a new script each month.So my care giver is off to the doctorís office then to the drug store.Whatever problems come up while she is gone must wait.All the time that various items are taken care of life goes on like paying the bills or calling a plumber.The pain in my legs (which requires three narcotics) is constant and now effects my shoulders.With the pain your memory slips almost daily since pain pills attack oneís mind not the pain itself, which never leaves.The pills make you care less about it, but you need to figure out ways to make a living to pay for all the services like $3,650 a year to have a second person stop by and help lift me onto a shower chair.So you not only have a care giver, but several part time workers.You need to do things at their time schedule not yours and your lucky if you can find them.I mean who can live on $3,650 a year. Ergo you shower between their job and home.When someone gets sick everything becomes a much bigger mess.In the beginning sleep was at a premium due to super strong spasms.They are strong enough to throw you around the bed at night, so that I donít focus on the spasms, I play mind games.Like what the cure will look like?Do all these companies that sell drugs really want a cure?Am I going to be able to still do everything once morning comes?Is working day and night with no answer in sight worth all this effort?Arenít I really looking at winning a war that is not winnable?In the last fifteen minutes how many times have I thought about checking out early?Is this death by a thousand cuts?Wouldnít it have been better to have cut everything off as soon as I got out of the hospital for after all most people would have forgotten me by now.In the last four years, I have been waking up almost hourly from pain.Sleeping is very difficult for lots of reasons including the temperature in the room.As you know when itís warm those very small muscles in oneís body are suppose to slow down contraction rate.In my body those muscles never change speed regardless of the temperature that I am in.Air conditioning seems to go right to the bone, so regardless of what I am wearing, I never can warm up.If I am early for an appointment, I usually stay in the van (if itís cold out) or right outside of the building if it itís hot out.Being comfortable in your own skin just doesnít happen.I feel like I am in prison and my cell happens to be exactly my body size.

†††† Lately it has been shoulder pain that wakes me up before the leg pain.Once your awake you feel both of them, then start deciding if I should call my care giver, which wakes me up further.Do I take another pain pill or the ramifications donít merit it.I check my eyes often to see if they are yellow, meaning my liver is on over loaded from pain pills.Do I want that hang over feeling the next morning just so I might get an extra hour of sleep?All the medications have made my mouth dry so do I drink some water and add to my water weight and kidney problems?Should I drink some water so that the tube that goes directly into my bladder stays wet enough?The last time I was a little short on water, that tube stuck to my bladder wall and the hospital people told me I could die if they didnít get the tube loose and the urine flowing.My last blood test showed too little salt (and no taking in more salt wonít fix that problem says my kidney doctor) meaning I have been drinking to much water.Ah after all that thought, I am now fully awake and in serious pain.I call my care giver to catch her upset about something that she doesnít want to discuss.If I donít show an interest she will be down my throat in the morning is the norm.Having a female care giver is the same relationship that you have with a spouse, but without any sexual contact. She tells me about her life if I want to listen or not and she already knows all about my life because we are together 24/7 plus when using the phone I have to use a speaker phone.She has the right to yell at me or be silent, but I canít.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Bill


Example 3


Hello Gary


††† Bill asked me to send a quick description of some of the not-so-fun things I endure every day as a result of my paralysis and of some of the unbelievable things that have happed to me.


††† In general, letís say getting up and through every day is a battle.Pretty much every minute I am awake I am in pain somewhere, my back, my back side or my neck.It fortunately usually isnít so bad that should take pain pills, which I donít ever.I battle my skin on my back side every day to keep from getting a pressure sore.Iíve had several that were deep or that healed very slowly and kept me in bed for long periods of time.


†††† I can not get myself in and out of bed.So, after my care giver hopefully arrives around 7:00 in the evening, makes my dinner, and puts me in bed and positions me for the night around 10:00, I attempt to sleep all night in the same position on my stomach, which isnít very restful if the positioning didnít go well or if I have the occasional accidental bowel movement.I do this so my skin can heal and be ready for the next full day of sitting.Try working 8 or 9 hours a day with little sleep.Iíve been doing it for nearly twenty four years now.


†† ††Having no bowel or bladder control isnít any fun either.As long as the suppository works and the catheter doesnít leak or fall off and things stick to schedule it is manageable.But there is always the possibility of an accident and then scrambling to hopefully find one of my caregivers or a roommate who can drop what they are doing and help me out.Sometimes I have had to sit for hours in burning urine - soaked pants waiting for help.


†††† Breaking my neck in 1979 and becoming a quadriplegic wasnít the only major injury life had in store for me.About 12 years ago I was sitting on the sidewalk waiting for the signal to cross so I could wait on my van to be finished.Out of nowhere a woman runs a red light, gets hit by a car starting out and slams into me at about 35 miles an hour sending me with my wheelchair attached flying through the air about 20 feet up into a parking lot where I was wedged head first under a car in the second space.She also flew up into the parking lot and hit the car I was under, nearly hitting me twice.I spent 6 months in bed with multiple compound fractures and missed almost a year and a half of work.Naturally she was poor and had the minimum insurance.So I was just as financially injured as I was physically.I still also have complications from that accident with weakness in my right arm, which was snapped at the shoulder and extra problems with my skin on my right side from my shattered femur.††††††††† XXXXXXXX


†††† Approximately 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injury occur every year in the U.S. alone.There are currently approximately 300,000 people/patients living with neurological consequences of generally traumatic injuries (quadriplegic, paraplegics, and various serious neurological malfunctioning).The number would be substantially higher, however they have a high mortality rate from lung infection, kidney infections, pressure/bed sores, general infections, and suicide.The U.S. medical industrial complex makes many billions of dollars a year off this deplorable situation, which must come to an end.


†††† You should now clearly see how desperate the situation really is and why FDA politicos should/must be taken out of the decision making process for experimental spinal cord surgeries.This decision making process clearly needs to be in the hands of institutions that have highly trained and skilled neurosurgeons that know what they are doing and know how to judge and evaluate all new surgical proposals for curing spinal cord paralysis.Our proposal here is only one possible way to achieve the cure. What neurosurgeons need is for the FDA to get out and stay out of the way.The simplest method for this that saves face for the FDA, is for them to rubber stamp almost any experimental spinal surgical procedure submitted by a competent and reputable medical institution.


†† ††This proposal is going to be presented first to the University of California at Los Angeles Medical School Neurosurgeons and to the Veterans Administration doctors at the Los Angeles V.A.If they accept this proposal as viable and put their own version of it into the FDA for approval, we will wait a short period of time for a positive FDA response (they give the go ahead).If the FDA does the usual hurry up and wait routine, then we will go world wide with this proposal where progress in spinal cord repair surgery is not in a state of stagnation as it is in the U.S. and they have no substantial FDA- like suppressor regulator agency; i.e. China, India, Mexico, Portugal, etc..Perhaps, if the doctors at UCLA and or the V.A. perceive that the FDA is up to itís usual ever so slow mode, they can be kind enough to send copies of this proposal to their favorite contacts at the FDA, who can pass this proposal along.This will give the politicos a chance to consult with their pharmaceutical patrons, who can then quickly decide if they want the FDA to gracefully allow U.S. neurosurgeons to promptly attempt a spinal cord paralysis cure or they want it done elsewhere on the planet.


†† ††I can absolutely assure the FDA that the quadriplegics and paraplegics and their families and friends have had it with the FDAís snailís pace in approving new experimental procedures.Let me put it another way; what if the FDA announced it was approving of a large number of medical institutions putting out the call for volunteers for an experimental spinal cord operation to attempt to cure paralysis, with the stipulations:1) That probably 95+% of the accepted volunteers would survive the operation; 2) There would be a small probability of a slight worsening of their condition, and 3)There would be a significant possibility of a significant improvement in their condition and or a cure.How many volunteers do you think these institutions would get?FDA, LET MY PEOPLE GO.





1)    A Physicistís View of the Use of Feeble Electric Direct Currents To Repair Tissue and Replace Body Parts, Part One by Gary Wade; Health Freedom News Ė February 1996.

2)    POLITICS in HEALINGbyDaniel Haley, Chapter 6:DMSO Ė The Persecuted Drug Ė Dr. Stanley Jacob, pages 169 -171,187, 201,281,404;†† ISBN# 0-9701150-0-8

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P.S. --†† It is now 5/2/11 and after a very mild positive response to the proposal from UCLA neurosurgeons, we have decided to go public with this proposal world-wide.

P.P.S. - ATTENTION NEUROSURGEONS: Be sure to read questions and answers Q1/A1 through Q7/A7. These should answer nearly all remaining questions that neurosurgeons will need answered so as to perform the operation and cure spinal cord paralysis.